M.K. Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted name for excellent quality of "Halal Meat" in the global markets. 

We follow a blend of our cherished traditions, with a sophisticated approach of modern business, ensuring our customer's satisfaction to the best of our ability. 

Our products are preferred in international markets as we are ranked high on all parameters by our customers in South East Asian, CIS, Far East and Middle Eastern Countries. We Offer a wide assortment of chilled and frozen Halal Meat products from buffalo, lamb and sheep. The Livestock that we derive meat, is raised on natural green pastures/ fodder and free from hormonal treatment. The livestock in India is free from Rinderpest, BSE and CBPP. 

We have an excellent combination of world class machinery and equipments, manned by well trained human resource, which makes us the number one company producing your favorite delicious " HALAL MEAT"

M.K. Overseas has integrated modern abattoir-cum-meat processing plants with Halal Meat processing facilities located in the State of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, India.